We are very excited to announce that Michelle Au Yeung and Phil Everson will be taking over the Entrepreneurship Society at UWaterloo as of May 1, 2015.

After announcing that we’ll be graduating and moving on from EntSoc, we scoured the UWaterloo campus to find individuals who were passionate about innovation and bringing entrepreneurially minded students together. Lucky for us, we found a student that matched that description, right on our team.

Michelle Au Yeung

Michelle is a Math and Business Double Degree student in her 4A term, and also EntSoc’s current VP Marketing. She’s been on our team for four months and has proven herself as a strong leader. Not only is she an extremely bright individual, she’s excited about entrepreneurship, and has brought a unique level of verve to the team over these past four months. Michelle brings experience from working with the Velocity team, cofounding Re:me out of the Velocity residence, and co-op jobs at Facebook, Microsoft and RelateIQ.

As a new co-president, Michelle looks forward to expanding EntSoc’s reach on the UWaterloo campus and beyond. She also wants to increase the value of EntSoc for students while continuing to maintain the idea of inclusive innovation – that entrepreneurship is something that any student can get involved with, no matter what their background is.

Phil Everson

The path to Phil was a little less straightforward – luckily, a friend at Velocity dropped his name as a solid person to reach out to. After a two hour coffee meeting at Williams with Phil, we decided that our Velocity friend was on to something. Phil is in his 3A term of Management Engineering, and he found entrepreneurship in the same way a lot of us do at UWaterloo: through Velocity. At Velocity, he realized that he had been running a startup from a young age – he just didn’t know that it actually was a startup (here’s the business plan he made at just 15-years-old). He has a breadth of marketing experience from being Velocity’s Community Manager, and working at Klick Health – an agency focused on data driven marketing campaigns. Phil’s energy and excitement about entrepreneurship is contagious – we know he’ll be able to successfully lead the EntSoc team because of this.

Phil has already started thinking up plans for when he becomes co-president in May. He wants to continue to grow EntSoc into a safe place for students who think they’re interested in entrepreneurship, making it easy to get involved with the awesome entrepreneurial community we have in Kitchener-Waterloo. He hopes to reach out to extremely early stage companies who need connections and feedback, and help them get a head start while they’re still in school.

We feel confident that we’re leaving the society in more than capable hands. We’re excited about Michelle and Phil’s vision and think that EntSoc will benefit greatly from a new set of eyes.

Thanks for being a part of our journey so far – we know you’ll continue to support Michelle and Phil in the same way you so generously supported us!

Michaela Angemeer & Chinye Osamusali, EntSoc Co-Presidents

P.S. If you’re excited about what EntSoc is doing and want to be a part of it, we’re hiring executive team members for Spring 2015 right now! Find more information on the available positions here.

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