This Startup Chat was the first in a series of events we are working on in partnership with Startup Laurier to bring the best of both organizations together. The first event, held at the always lovely Laurier campus featured Alex (George Briggs) Marshall, founder of George Briggs Media, as he discussed his startup journey to where he is today.
Alex has experience well beyond his years. He attempted his first startup around the age of 18 and in the end learned the importance of developing your product before building hype. His second startup, a clothing business, actually started to put Alex in the black, but after a while learned the value of his time and decided to move on.
That left Alex with his latest startup, George Briggs Media. Alex has iterated this business many times over the last few years, moving from one office space to the next and learning the importance of connections and getting the right advice from the right people. Above all Alex is adamant that “passion is everything” and that everything comes down to producing a good product.
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