Regardless of where you find yourself on your entrepreneurial journey, there are always lessons to learn, people to connect with, and opportunities to receive and offer help. That was the exact outcome of our Stages of Entrepreneurship Mixer last week at Heaven Gastro Club. Whether students had a budding entrepreneurial spirit, were working for a startup or had started their own company, this mixer appealed to all.

“There was good food and good company — it was a nice way to chill out!”

Students networked and mingled with one another throughout the evening, all while enjoying complimentary and delicious appetizers and drinks: networking unfolded and connections were made in the crowd of passionate students.

“I met a kid who was in first year and I talked to him about my experience and helped him out a bit. I met another guy – I downloaded his app. It was interesting!” – David

Newcomers to the entrepreneurship scene were exposed to the always-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem here on campus:

“I learned about Velocity Science! It’s cool to learn about the crazy things that are happening in the buildings that I walk through that I didn’t know about.” – Diana

And students walked away more knowledgeable about Waterloo’s entrepreneurial programs and made great connections with like-minded people:

“It was a great learning opportunity. I was able to share my ideas with many people in different fields. They were able to provide positive feedback and a different perspective on my idea!” – Andrew

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