I’m very excited to officially announce that Simon Sun will be taking over the Entrepreneurship Society at UWaterloo (EntSoc), with returning President, Phil Everson, as of May 2nd!

Meet Simon Sun.

simon_sunA Math and Business Double Degree student in his 3B term, Simon is no stranger to entrepreneurship. After joining the EntSoc team in Spring 2015 as a Finance Director and continuing in Fall 2015 as VP Operations, he has proven himself as a leader and been a huge asset to our team. As a former Velocity resident and business development intern with Waterloo region startup, SparkGig, Simon is well versed in the Waterloo startup ecosystem and is excited to help showcase it to other students.

With a natural interest in Financial technology, also known as FinTech, Simon is looking forward to sharing the possibilities of this evolving space with students, while also diving into his role as President and establishing relationships with our partners throughout Waterloo Region.

Although I’m sad to be moving on from my role as President, I am also excited to see how both EntSoc and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Waterloo Region will benefit from Simon’s leadership and expertise. As I enter into my final semester here at UWaterloo, I cannot help but reflect on what a huge impact EntSoc has had on my undergraduate experience. It was at an EntSoc event in my first year where I was initially inspired to learn more about entrepreneurship and I’ve been hooked ever since. The community here at UWaterloo and in Waterloo Region is amazing and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

Now, with Simon and Phil leading EntSoc through the Spring 2016 term, I’m excited to watch their ideas form as they continue to inspire more students to develop a passion for entrepreneurship.

A huge thanks to the EntSoc Team, our partners, and our members for an amazing Winter term. I can’t wait to see what the Spring will bring!
– Michelle Au Yeung, Outgoing EntSoc President

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