When asked why he wanted to be an entrepreneur, Jiwoo Jang, CFO of Avro Life Science, simply said, “I can think of 25,000 reasons why.”

On May 24th, we hosted a Startups in School fireside chat with the youngest Velocity Fund Finals $25K winners in its history, Avro Life Science. We chatted with current UWaterloo students Shak Lakhani and Jiwoo Jang of the founding team about how they took their vision for a transdermal patch for the paediatric delivery of antihistamines and transformed it into a Velocity startup. 

Shak and Jiwoo provided insight into what it’s like to build a startup in Waterloo while pursuing a full-time education.  

Be wary of pursuing something that just sounds cool — you really have to be passionate about it.” — Shak Lakhani

As first-year students, they would have Startup Sundays with a group of friends where they’d pitch brand new ideas to each other and built up a portfolio of pitches. Shak gave several examples of ideas that they generated, which ultimately led to Avro’s product.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to ask questions about the team’s entrepreneurship experience. Here’s how Jiwoo described the Waterloo startup community: “Most students think about business as a cutthroat environment but the community here is super helpful and collaborative.”

Students gathered some great advice from first-hand entrepreneurs who are succeeding at what seems impossible — building a business while studying full-time.

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