The idea for Alchemy, formerly Neverfrost, came from a fourth-year design project at UWaterloo. We’ve been working on this for over three years now.

The most difficult challenge we’ve come across is developing the technology. The technology is pretty sophisticated. When you’re holding it, it’s just a plastic film in your hand, but there are at least 7 layers in there. So perfecting the product was a big challenge.

I personally prefer having a tech or mathematical background in the co-ops we hire. Even if we are hiring for a business co-op position, having a tech or mathematical background really helps with sales. You’re dealing with a very sophisticated product, so not only do you need to be able to simplify that when describing it to customers and partners, but you also need to be able to think on your feet. So we prefer some trace of evidence that our co-ops can think on their feet and think critically. Sometimes education is a good indication of that, but other times it can be a cool side project.

— Khanjan Desai, Co-founder at Alchemy

Check out Alchemy’s co-op position postings on Waterloo Works, or reach out to for additional information.


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