A typical day in the life of a co-op at a startup? Well, I get here between 9AM–10AM, the team gets together and have a morning meeting, talk about where we are all at in our projects. Then we work away and congregate again during lunch and at the end of the day.

It’s a fluid environment, you’re not doing the same thing every day, your role is constantly evolving. I’m a second-year co-op, but I’m in charge of making an entire portion of HealthIM’s app, which is really cool. If I was working at a big company I’d never get that kind of power or responsibility.

Noah Kunej, Software Developer at HealthIM

Congrats on HealthIM’s recent launch from Velocity Garage! Check out HealthIM’s co-op position postings on Waterloo Works starting June 26th, or meet their team at EntSoc’s Startup Showcase this Thursday. 


Stay tuned as more UWaterloo entrepreneurs share their stories in EntSoc’s “Entrepreneurs of UWaterloo” series!

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