30 of Waterloo’s best startups – all in one place. This was Startup Showcase, which we hosted last week in the SLC. For those of you who don’t know, Startup Showcase is one of our biggest termly events where we accept only the best startups of KW and help them set up a booth for their company that attendees can visit throughout the day.

This term, we hosted a wide variety of startups including MapleKey Pods, who are building real social impact through their sleeping pod technology, ShiftRide, a startup creating a new platform for car-sharing, and Indigo Fair, the Y Combinator-backed platform for local retailers. We even had a live portrait-painting demo by Ari from AriArts.ca!

Students also had the opportunity to speak to the founder of ExVivo Labs, see the drones that ProVi uses, check out InkSmith who did a 3D print of the EntSoc logo in thermoplastic, and test Sienci Labs desktop CNC machine. Another interactive booth was by the team from Token Creative Services, an integrated marketing firm, who brought along a coin-toss game with prizes.  Another popular booth was that of TEDxUW – the independently organized TED conference hosted right here at UW. At Showcase, they were conducting live interviews with visitors, which will be shared soon.

“We want to hear how you’re breaking the barriers and defying the odds.” – TEDxUW

Students were given the unique opportunity to talk to founders and key people from these startups for insight into their startup journeys, product information and even employment opportunities. Throughout the day, we also recorded several live streams, so check them out if you missed the event and want a quick look: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UWEntSoc/videos/

Remember to check out our upcoming Startup Chat with Palette on July 10th!

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