Officially, I started working on Citius about a year ago. But I’ve been working on this problem for about three years now. After my first year of university, I obtained a seasonal job delivering parcels door-to-door for UPS, the courier company. Every day, the driver of the UPS trucks would make a list of all the packages that needed to be delivered that day, and try to eyeball the best delivery route. I thought there had to be a better way.


Often when there is a problem, there is a very small piece of solution that exists which is central to the problem. Everything else is about market fit. After you develop the core piece of technology that you need, everything else beyond that consists of going out there, talking to customers, and finding out how you can make this solution fit into their daily operations. It’s a very common thing for entrepreneurs to want to sit in their room and focus on the technicality of the solution, but people aren’t going to just adopt your tech unless it’s convenient for them to do so.

Jamal Mehdi, Co-founder at Citius


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