Meet Nima, co-founder of ShiftRide, which just launched in November! ShiftRide is a platform that offers users access to cars nearby, while only paying as much as they use the car, in the form of “future car ownership, without the ownership”

We asked Nima how he got started: “In May 2016, I wanted to access a car on co-op in Toronto without having to rely on buddies or uber, and I noticed that the Neighbor’s car hasn’t been touched at all! My co-founder Mohsen had a similar issue, so we got together and developed a solution.”

The most impactful moment for ShiftRide would be when they “flipped that switch from a car sharing company to an automotive company. It reduced the stress of getting back on time and put people in control without worrying about coming back late.”

Since then, ShiftRide has accelerated and taken off the ground, with dozens of repeat users and supporters! Come meet Nima, and the rest of the ShiftRide team on February 7th, at our StartUp Showcase in SLC!

P.S If you want to give ShiftRide a try, use the code “FREE2HRS” to try your first 2 hours free! The prices are definitely EntSoc approved 😀


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